Sports Massage Therapy

You have come to the right place if you have either injured your self in sporting activity, work or leisure?

Have aches pains and stiffness that comes and goes, or just doesn’t seam to get better?

Tired of being in pain, have restricted movement, just want results and get back to doing what you enjoy?

Want answers & treatment options designed specifically for your requirements?

  • Sports Massage
  • 60 minutes – £45
  • 90 minutes – £65
  • Alternative group, club and discount rates are available, please contact us to discuss further
“I am happy to recommend LimberLife to anyone. I have been receiving sports massages over the last year which has made a tremendous difference to my running performance. I also go there after a longer training session, its helps me recover faster and stops the ache the next day. I now get more out of my training regime as her treatments are tailored specifically for me and my sport.”
Sara Harding, Killinghall
“Cheryl has given me specific exercises and stretching for my various excessively tight muscles. I try fit them in before and after my new exercising plan she suggested. I never realised I had any problems till I felt more aware of them. (Funny how you put up with all these things and try Ignore pain.)  She has me on the road to recovery and enjoying looking forward to working towards lifelong health and fitness. I regularly receive massage now and definitely feel this has improved my life. Very happy customer.”
Peter Wilkinson, North Yorkshire

More information

My Sports Massage treatments are aimed at understanding your lifestyle and needs, using specific techniques, knowledge of anatomy and physiology, pathology of injury, tools and equipment to get you back on track to doing what you love, as fast as possible. Freeing your body up from the restrictions, pain and suffering, helping educate you, your body and your muscles to performing more functionally, for a happier you!

You may be pleasantly surprised how Sports Massage therapy can help you.

Light to firm pressure can be used

Sports massage helps promote health by stimulating and aiding the body’s processes with the following benefits:-

  • Assists in the removal of metabolic waste such as lactic acid
  • Increased muscle tone or muscle length
  • Improved range of movement
  • Re-energising
  • Relief of stress and tension
  • Quicker recovery after an event or activity
  • Improved posture
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Prepares the body for competition & wind down after
  • Assists in mental preparation prior to sporting event
  • Provides injury rehabilitation

When an athlete injures himself or herself, safe & efficient rehabilitation is incredibly important. The goal is not to interrupt your training schedule, or to keep the interruption as minimal as possible. Sports Massage can aid recovery from various injuries, strains, sprains and tendonitis, reduce or eliminate acute or chronic pain, it can enable the athlete to be free of myofascial trigger points or adhesions; allowing the athlete to use their energy in the most effective way, doing what they are passionate about the most.

Aspects of sports massage therapy is gaining growing popularity, as an important part of holistic health & now used frequently alongside a balanced training regimen. Sports massage therapy can be used as a means to enhance your pre-event preparation and reduce recovery times after.

A pre-event sports massage helps the athlete to warm up, increasing blood flow, allowing time for the athlete to focus on the event. A post-event massage will reduce the chance of spasms, flushing away metabolic waste and reduce risk of injury occurring.

Sports massage can help flush away lactic acid build up after the ‘burn’ of your workout, as well as assist in increasing blood flow, following the micro-tearing and constriction of tight muscles. If the consequences of micro-tearing are not removed, it can hinder the blood flow and therefore prevent you from using your muscles to their full capability.

Techniques can include manual lymph drainage (for swelling or acute injuries), myofascial release (for sub-acute and chronic injuries), and trigger point therapy.