Using a combination of techniques, methods & tools (ie Options* of Hot Stones, Hot Balm, Cooling Gel or Warm Compression Towels) (Link to info pages for each in bold, link hot stones to hot stones page, the rest of the points to deep muscle therapy page)

Chose from the below 4 options of body focus treatments.

*Body Focus

This focuses on what you need, *choose areas to be worked on and time spent, so you can have extra work specifically targeted where you really want – e.g. 20 minutes on the legs, 25 minutes on the back, and 5 minutes on the head or neck.

A great way to mix it up and give attention to those areas that need it most!

*Allocation of times spent on chosen areas can be discussed further at consultation if needed.

Just Back, Neck and Shoulders*

Using a combination of techniques and methods this focuses on tension held in the back, neck and shoulders. Targets specific areas of strain and works to break down tight muscles, finishing with relaxing techniques to ease the stress away. Perfect if you don’t have a lot of time, but want a lovely relaxing therapy to target all those little niggles!

Just Legs*

A popular favourite for runners, walkers or those active people who are always on the go and on their feet, even people who are less active find this treatment highly beneficial for energising and improving muscle function.

This is a fantastic treatment which can be applied with a medium or deep pressure, depending on the individual or issues to be targeted and can also include work on the feet.

Just Feet, Arms & Hands*

Your hands and feet do almost all the manual work you perform each day and are without any doubt one of the most hardworking parts of our body and hence bound to suffer from stress, fatigue and over use injury like RSI, so regular care of them is essential. Arms, hands and feet massage is a luxurious experience for which your body will thank you for. This is an excellent way to reward your hard-worked limbs, rejuvenating them and giving them a new lease of life.

Treat your body today!

  • Body Focus
  • 60 minutes – £40
  • 90 minutes – £60
  • Please contact us to discuss further

*If you would like us to incorporate Hot Stones, Hot Balm, Cooling Gel or Warm Compression Towels into your treatment – Please let the therapist know prior to treatment, this will be added at no extra cost.

“I have problems in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Cheryl comes to my house to give me chair massage. I suffer with arthritis and pain in the muscles in the area and her techniques of massage and specialised oils benefit me so much. Wish I could have her treatments every day.”
Ada, Harrogate
“LimberLife have visited my home to give myself and my husband a full body massage and Hotstone massages. For ladies or gentlemen this is a real treat where you get the real therapeutic spa experience. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Cheryl is an excellent therapist and one of the best I have seen believe me, I have been to plenty of centres, spa’s and hotels for massage. She does exactly what needs to be done and will asses and find the problems. We both always feel like we have had a through session.  Many thanks Cheryl, will book again soon.”
Jude & Frank Hofstead, Harrogate