“Thankyou thankyou thankyou…my visits to you are my little treats away from my 3 kids :) Your swedish massage is unbelievably good. I just jave to try not to fall asleep next time!”
Melissa Sands, None
“I work on a computer all day and as such my posture is terrible and the back pains that come with it. I’ve been seeing Limberlife now for a few weeks and have already seen benefits, not only in the pain easing but my posture and overall well-being is better. thankyou!”
Damien Stave, RRD
“I was a bit apprehensive about the hot and cold stone therapy but Cheryl put me at ease and even offered a discount on my 1st treatment! Very relaxing, professional and informative. I will be back for more.”
Rebecca Totch, None
“I play 5 a side footy a couple of nights during the week and had a bad ankle injury…It was causing me some grief so I gave some sports massage a go with Limberlife. I must admit, although slightly painful at first, im already seeing the benefits of massage and my ankle is on the mend! Thankyou again.”
Mark Spencer, KPMG
“Very firm hands, perfect for my deep muscle massage! Thankyou for not going soft on the massage when I requested it.”
Rachael, None
“Arranged a home visit massage for me and my wife as a birthday treat! having it at home meant that we could drink champagne, be comfortable in our own home and then relax after. The treatments we had were relaxing (of course!), professional and good value for money. Needless to say, my wife was over the moon!”
Dave carmickle, None
“Had my 1st massage yesterday and just want to say thankyou for looking after me and making the worldy worries fade away for a few hours. I was walking on clouds after the session!”
Helen Jones, None
“I felt a bit embarrased at first but Cheryl made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and the deep muscle massage I had cut right through to the problem. thankyou again..I will be recommending you to my work colleagues.”
Bryan Kilns, Contractor
“I am happy to recommend LimberLife to anyone. I have been receiving sports massages over the last year which has made a tremendous difference to my running performance. I also go there after a longer training session, its helps me recover faster and stops the ache the next day. I now get more out of my training regime as her treatments are tailored specifically for me and my sport.”
Sara Harding, Killinghall
“Cheryl has given me specific exercises and stretching for my various excessively tight muscles. I try fit them in before and after my new exercising plan she suggested. I never realised I had any problems till I felt more aware of them. (Funny how you put up with all these things and try Ignore pain.)  She has me on the road to recovery and enjoying looking forward to working towards lifelong health and fitness. I regularly receive massage now and definitely feel this has improved my life. Very happy customer.”
Peter Wilkinson, North Yorkshire
“I’m a single mum and enjoy going to the LimberLife therapy room and having Indian head massage as this is highly relaxing and quickly helps me to rid my body of stress and tension headaches. Though I often feel like I could sleep for a week after, so would recommend to go for one in the evening, or if you’re not doing anything after.”
Sarah Pickering , Knaresborough
“Cheryl has given me various types of massage treatments of which I prefer her deep muscle massage. I like the firmer pressure and she is good at finding specific tight problem areas and sorting out all the knots, it makes me feel stronger and ready to take on the world again.”
Adam Dalton, Ripon
“I visited LimberLife for a Swedish massage I was a bit nervous as I had never had one before. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt during and afterwards and felt I was put at ease from her understanding nature. I suffer from anxiety and stress so was given some tips and lifestyle changes which have really helped. I have had numerous appointments since and go whenever I need a massage treatment.”
Mel, Dacre Banks
“I have booked appointments over the last few months and am really happy with the service and starting to feel like my body is getting back to its self again. I have been having the body focus massage, so each time I ask for a different area to be worked on. I seem to be achy and tight all over, they said due to over training and my muscles get sore. Seams to doing the trick, so I will keep at it.”
Caroline Johnstone, Harrogate
“I have problems in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Cheryl comes to my house to give me chair massage. I suffer with arthritis and pain in the muscles in the area and her techniques of massage and specialised oils benefit me so much. Wish I could have her treatments every day.”
Adam, Harrogate
“LimberLife have visited my home to give myself and my husband a full body massage and Hotstone massages. For ladies or gentlemen this is a real treat where you get the real therapeutic spa experience.  Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Cheryl is an excellent therapist and one of the best I have seen believe me, I have been to plenty of centres, spa’s and hotels for massage. She does exactly what needs to be done and will asses and find the problems. We both always feel like we have had a through session.  Many thanks Cheryl, will book again soon.”
Jude & Frank Hofstead, Harrogate


Feedback is extremely important to us; we strive to improve the services or facilities at all times. Please feel free to ask for a feedback form when you visit or via the link below.