A holistic approach to your well-being is the best way to optimise health.

Massage is a fantastic opportunity to help you to relax both the body & mind.  It is the therapeutic application of touch, using a variation of movements (ranging from gentle stroking to invigorating friction), upon the skin, muscles and joints.  It has significant benefits for all the body’s essential systems and helps to maintain our general heath, fitness and flexibility.

The term ‘Holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning whole.  The aim of Holistic massage aims to look at treating each person individually and evaluating numerous factors such as lifestyle, medical history, nutrition & activities, in order to treat the body as a whole (and not just the physical aspect) to achieve homeostasis – the balance & harmony within the body & mind.

Your treatment will be tailor-made for you each time you visit, ensuring that your expectations are met.  At your first appointment you will be asked to fill in a consultation form, which will help us establish how to tailor your treatment specifically to you.  It will also give us the opportunity to explain the treatment to you and allow us to answer any of your questions.

Any personal information taken is treated as strictly confidential and Limberlife is committed to compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 which came into force on 24 October 2001.

If having a Sports Massage a postural assessment will be also carried out, this will be done prior to treatment and you will be fully clothed. The therapist will make observations, test and assess your muscles and their range of movement. This is initially done by gentle assisted positioning, to help locate any areas of reduced or restricted movement, so this can be worked on and improved throughout your treatment sessions, helping you to achieve optimum results from your training, sports event or activity and day to day functionality in life.

Please see more information on Sports Massage & Remedial Massage (Link to more information page)

The Consultation or Postural Assessment is included in the prices listed and is in addition to the times listed. Please allow an extra 20-45 minutes for this.

After consultation or postural assessment you will be shown to the treatment room, where you will be asked to remove shoes, jewellery and appropriate clothing to the area being treated, whilst the therapist waits in another room.

Please note that underwear must be worn at all times!!

If having a sports massage you may be asked to attend wearing or bring sports or loose fitting clothing, for example shorts or vest tops, in order for the postural assessment and treatment to be carried out most effectively.

All massage treatments are carried out in privacy, with towels covering any areas that are not being worked on.

It is encouraged throughout treatment that clients communicate with the therapist, in order for you to obtain the most effective results and to ensure tailored treatment is carried out by the therapist, to continually be able to adapt to your range of movement, tolerance or pain thresh holds.

When treatment has finished, you will be given a glass of water and you are free to spend a little time to relax and get dressed or freshen up. We will then go through the aftercare advice with you and answer any questions you may have. FAQ’s

Treatments are performed using high quality, pure essential massage oils, which can leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and have calming, relaxing properties.

For pre/post event we use Sports Massage balm popularly used by Physiotherapists and also cooling gel. These may not be suitable for all skin types so other oils/mediums can be used, or washed straight off afterwards.

Please speak to the therapist prior to your appointment if you have any skin allergies or concerns, so we can tailor your treatment.

Our aim is for you to leave feeling relaxed and content with the treatment received. We continually encourage feedback throughout the session and also afterwards to provide the best possible service to you.

Please see further sections for information on Contraindications, Testimonials, Faq’s or Aftercare advice