With the season changing the days getting longer and lighter more people are taking to the outdoors and participating in sports. There have been a lot of runners and many have been training for the London Marathon.

Question from a new client – I’m running the London Marathon in April. I’ve been getting occasional massage throughout my training, though I’m not sure when I should schedule my last massage, before the race to ensure optimal performance.

Answer – At least five to six days before your race, you can receive a deep muscle massage, only if you’ve been receiving massages throughout your training though. You can also have a pre-event massage, applied with light pressure, without having been a regular client. As long as the therapist has had chance to work on you before and knows your body, as everybody responds differently to massage. Anyone can have a post-event massage (which you will really thank yourself for) and the sooner the better after the event. This can address any problems and help you recover quickly and effectively.

I suggested for those training for an event, for example a full or half marathon that you receive weekly treatments. I advise massage treatments should start no later than 4 weeks prior, as it is especially important to receive massage towards the build up to the event.